Cayenne Chilli Powder - S4 Mild to Medium Heat - 1kg to 25kg Bulk Sack
Item Code: S4-1KG
Chilli Wizards
Quality Cayenne Powder (medium heat) 25kg
Cayenne is a hotter, spicier version of the traditional chilli powder blend.
Use the kick of chili pepper (with or without an added array of complimentary spices) to create lively Mexican or
Tex-Mex fare. The cayenne, or Guinea pepper or bird pepper is a hot, red chili pepper.
Cayenne is a popular spice in a variety of cuisines.
It is employed variously in its fresh form, dried and powdered, and as dried flakes.
It is also a key ingredient in a variety of hot sauces, particularly those employing vinegar as a preservative
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