Salsa Verde Carey 2.8Kg
Item Code: CARY7

The king of Mexican Salsas. Very addictive it's tomatillos, onions & garlic. 100% tasty and at amazing price... Only the best from The green colour of this salsa is not owed to the use of green chillies, but rather to Green Tomatillos. It has a unique tangy, delicious flavour that must be treated with great care: it's highly addictive! Apart from serving it on the table to have it along with any dish you can also: * Make green chilaquiles with Traditional Corn Tortillas or Tortilla for Tostada * Dillute with water or chicken broth and cook along with pork, beef or chicken to make a "Chile Verde" stew. * Serve scrambled eggs in a soup bowl and cover with hot chicken broth-dilluted salsa and have with warm Traditional Corn or Wheat Tortillas. Ingredients: Green tomatillo, jalapeƱo chile, onion, iodized salt, modified starch and cilantro.

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