Neem Leaf - Herbal Tea 15kg
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One of the first benefit of using dried neem leaves is related to your oral hygiene.

Most gum disease and cavities, even halitosis, bad breath, are due to bacterial activities in your mouth?

Yes, this is the truth, by eating food, these bacteria are going to proliferate and replicate, they are also going to produce acids and toxins which are going to attack your gum while also destroying your teeth, and this is what we call cavities.

To get rid of these bacteria, using dried neem leaves on a daily basis is more than recommended, you can either brew tea and gargle it or you can just chew them and spit afterwards.

Using dried neem leaves is amazing for your oral hygiene.

Another benefit of dried neem leaves is related to your stomachs health.

In case you are suffering from constant gas and bloating, frequent diarrheas, or even ulcers, you have to start using dried neem leaves, they are perfect because they contain high numbers of anti-inflammatory compounds such as Nimbin, which occur naturally in neem leaves, these compounds are going to reduce pain levels while also getting rid of inflammations.

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