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Mexican Oregano - Wild Crushed Leaf 5kg Box
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Mexican Oregano- wild dried herb 5kg Box

Mexican oregano is a Mexican aromatic plant that is traditionally harvested from wild by the Mexican rural communities.

Mexican Oregano gives a strong, sharpe and peppery flavour, it's a wonderful, aromatic herb that is totaly different from the Mediterranean oregano that we are so familiar with here in the UK.

Mexican oregano has a stronger flavour and so goes well with the spices used in most Mexican cooking. 

Mexican oregano is a relative of lemon verbena. Also native to Mexico, it also grows in Central and South America and is sometimes referred to as Puerto Rican oregano. Although this herb shares the basic pungent flavor of Mediterranean oregano, it also has notes of citrus and mild licorice. Used fresh or dry, Mexican oregano pairs very well with chilli peppers, cumin, and paprika. Add it to Latin American dishes, Tex-Mex chilli, & salsa.

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