Azteca Mole Sauce - Almendrado 5KG Concentrate Paste
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Mole is one of the most iconic dishes in Mexico, this catering presentation is ideal for restaurants

This paste (
concentrate) should be mixed with water, or more often broth, and simmered until it is pungent and very thick. It is most often prepared in a cazuela or a thick heavy clay cauldron and stirred almost constantly to prevent burning. The thickness of the sauce has prompted some, such as Mexican-food authority Patricia Quintana, to claim it is too substantial to be called a sauce. However, like a sauce, it is always served over something and never eaten alone. Mole poblano is most traditionally served with turkey, but it and many others are also served with Chicken, pork, or other meats (such as lamb).

Mole (pronounced in two syllables, moe-leh) is a classic Mexican chillie sauce with its origins in pre-Hispanic times.

It exists in countless versions throughout Mexico, varying in color, consistency, ingredients and use according to Mexican tradition, and local preference.

Mole is used as a wonerfull sauce for chicken, but pork or turkey are also commonly used. Leftover mole sauce is excellent for making enchiladas or using as a condiment for rice, eggs, and other foods.

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